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Busto’s Teen Karate Program

Our Teen Program Is Specifically Designed For Older Children Ages 13 To 17

Busto’s Martial Arts prides itself on being the premier martial arts school on Long Island for teens. We teach teens the skills they need to succeed, while they learn to protect themselves. Our system and teaching methods are simply life-transforming, and will help your child to achieve any goal they set.

So what makes this martial arts program unlike anything your teen has ever experienced? Well, we've taken the best training and techniques from martial arts, physical fitness, and personal coaching programs, and developed them into our Teen Martial Arts Program. This program is exciting, enriching, and relevant to each and every student, regardless of age or ability.

Skills That Go Far Beyond Self Defense

We arm your child with the skills they need to succeed in life!

Our Teen Program teaches practical martial arts and proven self-defense methods, but more importantly, we teach our teen students how to handle the tough challenges that appear around this age.


Our students learn that physical self-defense is the last resort and rarely necessary. We stress to our students that the techniques they learn in class will work, and should never be used for "showing off" or to intimidate others.

True "self-defense" starts with learning to be confident, and knowing how to negotiate and get along with others.


Busto’s students learn how to avoid conflict, set and achieve goals, make responsible choices, avoid negative peer pressure, and many other important skills crucial for success in life! Put simply, Busto’s Kenpo Karate program emphasizes complete physical, mental and emotional development.


Why Do We Soar Above The Rest, Breaking Records Everywhere?

We attribute this to our high-energy, exciting, fun, yet realistic classes, which includes bringing some of the best instruction in the world to our schools. Each one of our teachers is put through a rigorous training course, resulting in some of the best coaches in the world for this age group.

Our Teen Program is the one of the most well rounded, touching on all the things that students of this age group are interested in. We leave each student walking away with the three "S's" theory; Sweating, Smiling and Striving for more. This metaphor was coined many years ago by one of the best martial arts motivators in the industry, and we have been using it ever since with outstanding results!

Each student will gain the edge in life, and grab onto the personal power which has guided hundreds of our students to become masters of their lives. Through regular, dedicated training, every student will master the emotions and behaviors that drive them, enabling them to manage their minds and bodies to achieve greater success than they ever dreamed of.

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