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Our Tigers Program for students ages five to seven is the continuation of our Tiny Tigers Program. 


We expand on age-appropriate self defense techniques & drills.


 These skills are beneficial skills for school-age children including self-discipline, focus & patience. Enrolling your child in our Tigers Program will also help them establish healthy fitness habits at an early age, which is more important than ever before.

Our Tigers Program Is Uniquely Designed For Children Ages 5 To 7

Busto’s Tiger Karate Program

Say hello to our Busto's Tiny Tiger

Our Tigers Program Helps Their Confidence

Our Tigers learn patience and focus

The self image and inner strength they develop through training with us will set the stage for a stronger more self-reliant child, one who will be less apt to bend to the will of their peers. 

In addition, the program is designed to improve children’s motor skills and enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions.

Each student practices goal setting and begin to understand the importance of patience as they move through the classes and special events!

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