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 This age-specific karate class is perfect for the child’s cognitive ability, physical development, social skills and confidence. 

At this young age, your child can benefit by learning fundamental motor skills by working on balance and strength exercises. We do movements with arms, legs, and torso and small movements with fingers and toes.


Best of all, your child will see it not as learning, but as play, because the lessons are disguised in activities they'll find fun and exciting.

This Program Is Created For The Amazing Pre-Schoolers & Young Children Ages 3 To 4

Say hello to our Busto's Tiny Tiger

Busto’s Tiny Tiger Program

Our Tiny Tigers Make Great Friends and Amazing Memories

In addition to building a solid foundation for martial arts training, these classes are also designed to teach important early life skills such as patience, taking turns, self-control, how to make friends, balance, coordination, mental focus, and confidence.


The classes are safe, fun, and always exciting.

Learn some skills and have lots of fun at the same time!

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